Manufacturing Execution System

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Manufacturing Execution System

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A system used to track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished products.

Gives real time data for optimizing the production allowing to control elements across production processes: Supplies, personnel and machines.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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Our Modules

Digital tracking of each production part across the process
Real-time production overview and volume
Overview of efficiency and productivity of your machines
Allows to identify major causes of productivity loss
Brings data to a live and dynamic picture.
Helps decision makers to visualize their day to day tasks.
Vision and traceability of materials inside the shop floor
Helps managing material consumption
Allows to plan and improve collaboration within the team.
Contributes on achieving organizational and individual goals.
Create routes and BOM to produce your orders and monitor their status.
Track the standard costs and real costs of each order to measure the impact of inefficiency.
Contributes to workload and efficiency by arranging, controlling & optimizing the production processes.
Allows the prioritization of orders according to specific needs
Gives a global vision of finished products and raw materials
Alert about inventory levels to avoid delays in customer delivery
Allows you to use data from your production plant in an easy way to provide specific and more relevant information on operational performance and productivity improvement.
You have the possibility of making personalized boards according to your needs.
Helps to track and identify quality risks & errors in the manufacturing processes.
Helps to predict future breakdowns & improve communication within the team.
Shows parameters of your machines and processes in real time to better control and monitor their performance.
Allows to correlate information within the process (logistically and technically) to improve your production configuration.